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Wondering how a cash property buyer will pay for your property?

Welcome to JB Property Cash Buyers, where we pay cash for your property with no hidden charges or costs and provide transparent transactions from start to finish. You will be updated on the progress of dealings with solicitors by a member of our team.

We consider trends of similar past sales to determine market value.The market dictates how much we will be able to offer for your property.

After the RICS surveryor inspects your property and decides the value we will then give you our final offer on the property.

Our offer for your property is an authentic cash purchase offer, which will put you in the strongest financial position possible fast.

Even if it’s an old warehouse or a studio apartment in an undesirable location, we will give you a cash offer.

At JB Property Cash Buyers we offer a price for your property after valuation and careful analysis of the current state of property & market. As soon as our valuation is complete and we have paid the RICS surveyor and solicitor’s fees,we can move forward, and cash from the property sale is often in your bank account within 7days.

Our service also helps to cut costs as you, the owner of the property, won’t pay any agent fees.We cover your legal fees valuation fees. Customers literally have to pay nothing sell their property. We take care of it all.

We Will Not Make Payment Deductions

The cost of a house sale can consume more than 5% of the actual sell price. When you have found a buyer in the open market, you may need to pay thousands in fees and charges, which can substantially reduce the amount of cash you receive in the end.

You don’t have to worry about any such surprises. What we offer you is exactly what you will get.

Will You Pay the Exact Valuation of My Property?

Do you have an amount in mind as your ideal sale price? If you have a figure in mind, you can go talk to us about it and we will know if it matches our own valuation.

However, please keep in mind that valuations from estate agents are just theoretical figures. It is not a figure that you should be fixated on. The numbers provided will not mean much until someone has paid that sum to you.  Agents will do their best to find a buyer at this valuation but they cannot predict the future and often over estimate value. You may be let down at the last minute by potential buyerschanging their minds or buyers falling away due to the constraints of a property chain. There are no guarantees that you will get a high offer and there is no time-limit on how long it will take for you to get your property sold.

With our offer, you can be certain that it is real and tangible. Selling your house fast with us is a smooth process.

Get in touch today and find out how we can deliver

what you need, when you need it.