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Few things in life are as stressful as moving house.  Many people will agree with this statement.

It can sometimes feels like an uphill task to find a buyer. When you have finally found a buyer, the deal can inexplicably fall through at the final moment. The buyer can change their mind, for so many reasons. Even the legal process takes months to reach completion. Some people even view properties and put in offers before they have even secured a mortgage. If their mortgage applications gets declined, the time spent on negotiation and house veiwing would have been in vain leaving you to start afresh.

These are some of the reasons why many people are turning to property cash buyers to sell their property quickly.

What are the benefits of going the property cash buyer route?

Say Goodbye to Fees

There are no fees, no survey fees, solicitors fees or agents fees. This means that you the vendor can save a considerable amount of money. Your property is bought as it is, without any additional costs.

Sales Are Completed Quickly

Selling your property through agencies will always be substantially slower than going via a cash buyer. With JB Property Cash Buyers, many of our clients get an offer on their property within 24 hours of application, completely free of any obligation. Instead of spending time waiting for offers, you will have our competitive offer fast. We will give you enough time to think through the offer and we are also ready to answer any questions you might have. The overall process will be a lot faster than selling through agents. With us you avoid the delays.

Your Sale is Guaranteed to Go Through

One of the major advantages of selling your property to JB Property Cash Buyers is that the sale will go through and will complete in your desired time frame.

No Risk of Missing Out on a Sale Following a Survey

Often a survey will detect problems with a property and this can deter many buyers. At JB Property Cash Buyers we are used to dealing with problematic surveys and as we are cash buyers we are not reliant on obtaining any mortgage so the purchase will complete.

Enjoy Immunity from Buyer Financing Problems

Today, it is harder than ever for borrowers to secure funding for their property purchases. The criteria for lending are more stringent, meaning that fewer buyers are able to secure a mortgage. Even when buyers are approved for a mortgage, they may only be approved for a loan amount much lower than they had earlier anticipated. This affects their ability to live up to earlier agreements.

If you are selling your house through JB Property Cash Buyers, you will not have to worry about the financial profile of your property buyer. As a cash buyer we have the amount offered in readiness for payment as soon as you approve the sale. You will not be faced with the risk of the buyer’s inability to raise the funds.

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