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Retirement Planning – Selling Your House to Increase Your Funds

If you are one of those people who is thinking about retirement and what your life might be like when you have stopped working, you may be worried about many things especially your income position

Selling your home to raise funds for retirement may be the right step in the right direction. If you are approaching retirement age, or have been retired a while, you are certainly not alone in thinking about downsizing or relocating. Retirement is about making positive changes. It is a time to slow down and enjoy the fruits of your labour. Studies have shown that retirees are often healthier than non-those in work, because they are under less stress, take up exercise and sleep more.

Retirement planning is about creating a lifestyle following retirement. More and more people are selling their homes to release cash in order to fund retirement.

Let JB Property Cash Buyers take away the stress of selling your house

To buy that lovely retirement home you have been dreaming of, will probably mean you need to sell the property you currently live in. You know you need to sell your house, but you also know selling is not easy. This is the time JB Property Cash Buyers can help.

Waiting for potential buyers to become interested enough in your property to want to buy can get particularly frustrating if you need to make payment on a new house fast.

Part of the problem in the UK property market results from the fact that, just like you, most homeowners need to have sold their current home before they are able to buy again. This means that even when you find a buyer for your current home, there is an entire chain of transactions before the transactions can complete.

Sell your home quickly and move into the right house in no time

JB Property Cash Buyers will not only provide you with a stress-free way to sell your home, but we will do it fast, ensuring you are able to move into your new home whenever you like. If your property has been on the market for a long time, this is not a problem.

We are able to buy your house, ensuring you are able to sell your property within your desired timeframe, even in 7 days.

If you decide to use our quick house sale service as part of your retirement planning, you will be able to buy your new home without having to fear that you might lose it to another buyer due to unnecessary delays.

To learn more about how JB Property Cash Buyers is able to help you sell your property quickly in retirement, please get in touch with our specialist team.

Downsize now to save more

The biggest concern about retirement is invariably the reduced income, as your pension scheme never pays the same amount as when working fulltime.You might have been putting money into savings for your retirement, but one of the biggest ways to save is to downsize to a smaller house. It has become a critical part of the retirement planning process for many.

Let JB Property Cash Buyers help you now

Once you tell us that you are ready to sell your home, JB Property Cash Buyers starts off the process of buying your property by performing an appraisal of your property. Next, we present you with a cash offer to buy your home.

We  wait to hear from you! Contact us anytime and speak to a member of our team about how we can help you raise cash from your house for your retirement.

Get in touch today and find out how we can deliver

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