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It is extremely stressful selling an inherited property

The implications of preparing the property for sale especially if it is run down and arranging probate combined with the emotional trauma that comes with the memories makes the house sale very difficult. That is why more and more people are choosing a cash buyer when selling an inherited property.

Cash buyers can buy whatever the condition of the inherited property

To sell an inherited property, you need to first of all make the house attractive to property buyers. Some of the investments that have to be made include, house clearing, redecoration, sometimes a new kitchen or bathroom, and marketing costs.

These are just some of the expenses, as there are other costs. Additionally, there is often an issue of disagreements on the sale price and the best way to sell the inherited property amongst the family members.

All of these challenges can be avoided by selling an inherited property through property cash buyers. When you are looking to sell an inherited property you are able to avoid the normal problems associated with selling properties such as legal issues, timeframe delays and valuation problems involving the condition of the property.

At JB Property Cash Buyers you can make sure there a no problems and can complete the sale of your inherited property in less than two weeks.

The Process of Selling an Inherited Property

Many people  believe that selling an inherited property is easy. In reality, becoming a beneficiary to a property is not always straightforward and there are many obstacles that need to be overcome.  It can be a long process.

The courts and estate executor can take months to divide the deceased assets. This adds to the stress, especially when there is a financial liability concern that must be sorted with the proceeds of the property sale.

Probate and Selling an Inherited Property

Probate is a legal documentation that must be administered to the estate of the deceased person mentioned under a will to show that all claims pertaining to the property have been legally resolved. It takes on average between 3 and 12 month to get probate granted.

After probate has been granted, the beneficiaries can begin to think about how to sell an inherited property.

The JB Property Cash Buyer route solves many potential problems for the vendor:

  • The property sale can be completed in as little as 7 days.
  • Typical seller fees are covered which means that the seller doesn’t have to pay for surveys, valuations and solicitor fees.
  • The process is smooth, as the typical causes of breakdown in a property chain are eliminated.
  • There is no property chain.
  • Properties requiring modernisation are not a problem

The Pros of Selling Inherited Property Through JB Property Cash Buyers

  • Property sales are completed in less than a month.
  • Properties are sold more smoothly as there is no chain involved.
  • Seller fees are waived, saving you money.
  • The stress of the property not selling is eliminated.

Selling your inherited property can be a less daunting process if you choose to sell through JB Property Cash Buyers.

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