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Do you want to know how much you can get for your house today?

Use our quick online property valuation to know how much you could expect to get if you decided to sell your house for cash now.

Whether you are seriously looking to sell, or are just curious, the online property valuation tool makes it easy for you to find out an estimate of how much you should expect to get for your property. Once you provide data for the relevant fields, we will give you an estimated minimum value and maximum value.

Property Valuation Defined

A property valuation is the process of finding out how much you can expect to get from your property if it is put on the market. Property valuations are a vital part of the property sales process, as they are the only way of truly establishing how much the value of a property has changed over a period of time. Depending on economic trends, underlying market conditions and the overall state of the property, the value of a property can either rise or fall.

Additionally, the post code of the property can dramatically affect the value of the property. The city or suburb alone doesn’t determine the value of the property. Houses in one street can be very different from a street round the corner.

If the property has been upgraded or renovated recently, the value of the property can increase because meaningful and relevant improvements aid the marketability of a property. Additionally not all improvements or works will necessarily add to the property value

Our online valuation report simply gives you an idea of an appropriate price for your property. You will need an official and physical valuation after you have generated an online estimate with the aid of a property valuator. The property will be valued by a surveyor

A valuation surveyor is a professional with the right academic and professional skills and experience to analyse a property and set the most appropriate value.

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