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Selling a property is never normally fast, especially in the open market. The potential problems are numerous and certainly, patience is a virtue. The big advantage with JB Property Cash Buyers is the transaction will be fast.

Step 1: Property Valuation

Once we get your call or you indicate interest through the Quick Sale Request form on our website, we begin finding out details about the property up for sale, evaluating the property, environment, amenities, condition, and location. Once we conclude this, our team of experienced valuers form an opinion on the value of the property in current market conditions.

Step 2: Our Quick Cash Offer

From the valuation report, we would make our best offer. Of course, we are happy for you to sell quickly, but we are willing to move at your pace. Price offers are valid for 30 days, after which a new valuation may be required.

Once our offer is accepted, we will begin the buying process immediately – and will handle the legal fees, as well as deal with other formalities.

The cash offer is guaranteed,and the cash is readily available.

Step 3: We Buy Your Property Quickly

If you accept our offer, JB Property Cash Buyers will inform solicitors, and provide a dedicated adviser that will be charged with ensuring you are up-to-date with every step. As we mentioned earlier, we want to get through the process quickly, in line with our ethos of helping you sell fast. However, if you need more time or would rather take a few more days we will comfortably adapt to your schedule. We normally complete the whole process within 7 to 30 days.

Once completed, your solicitor will handle any outstanding mortgage repayment and pay off any debts that need to paid. After that is done, the balance is then paid to your account. Please note we do not charge you for anything.

Our Promise to You

This is the JB Property Cash Buyers promise to all our customers.

  • Our service is free. We do not plan to charge you for a single thing; from the valuation to theavailability of our staff to inspect, as well as advisers and solicitors, down to legal fees, it’s all free. No hidden charges, no surprises. Our process is transparent, and customers can see all the reports that inform our decisions.
  • We will buy any property in Brighton and Hove, regardless of location, size, or age. We buy properties in absolutely any condition they might be in, so you do not need to worry. We will make you an offer and close the deal in as little as seven (7) days if necessary.
  • One of our core values is integrity. Your Brighton property sale is crucial to your financial situation. We will take you through an open and transparent process and make sure you understand everything. When we make you an offer, we keep to it because our word is our code. Our reputation depends on each transaction, so we are always fair.
  • We are at your service. If you need to sell our property in ten days we can accommodate you. If you require more time, that’s totally fine by us.

So now you know how to sell a property quickly. Please pick up your phone and call us now on 01273 257 586 and get the best genuine quick cash offer you can find on the market.

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