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Who We Are

JB Property Cash Buyers are a family business who have been operating in the property market for 30 years and our aim is to be your fastest property cash buyer. We buy and sell residential, commercial and development properties throughout the UK and are based in the Hove, Brighton area. We have a reputation for being fair and honest in all of our business transactions.

Homeowners in the UK are often stuck with a property they need to sell in order to move or raise money. We decided the best move would be to give sellers a platform that allows them to sell their property quickly without having to worry about its condition so that they can raise the cash they need at the time they need it. JB Property Cash Buyers wanted to offer a fast service which benefits both parties

We can make an offer in less 24 hours from a valuation because we have a very experienced, integrated team and a robust system aimed at ensuring a speedy transaction. We can complete the sale within 7 days if necessary.

What We Do

What we do is really simple and straight forward; Help you sell your property Fast.

This was the concept behind the birth of JB Property Cash Buyers; the desire to help homeowners in the UK sell their property quickly regardless of its condition, location or their situation. We understand that every property is unique. As such, we make tailored-offers specific to the property, right after our valuation.

If your interest is to dispose of a property in your own time quickly and at the best price without all the usual fees associated with agents and solictors, then you should give us a call on our freephone number 01273 257 586 or fill our Quick Sale Request form. All telephone calls go directly through to our office and are dealt with immediately.

Our Mission

Our Vision: Our sights are set on being the leading Fast Property Sale business in the UK.

Our Values: At JB Property Cash Buyers, our values guide our work. we are a family run business and our aim is to give the following.

  • Simplicity: Make life simple and easy for the client.
  • Integrity: We believe in keeping our word. We do not make an offer and then change it at the last minute.
  • Excellence: We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver unparalleled value that can only come from excellence in our work.

Our Mission is to remain the fastest & most reliable property buying company in the UK. We want to make sure our processes are simple, and we reduce the number of steps to go through to prevent unnecessary delay in the sale.

Our Team

JB Property Cash Buyers is a family business and we are experts in the property market. Thanks to our experience and exposure, we have been in the industry long enough to know the hurdles involved in property sales. This has given us the ability to deliver the highest quality at the fastest speed, yet guaranteeing you the best offer possible without any conditions because our valuation is genuine. We do not ask for any fees whatsoever and ensure you get the agreed cash amount as soon as possible.

We would be happy to answer your questions and assist you through the entire process.

Just give us a call on 01273 257 586 Or Fill the Quick Sale Request form.

Get in touch today and find out how we can deliver

what you need, when you need it.